Captain Bud Randall aboard the Rowdy One.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Regarding inclement weather, the Captain of the vessel(s) reserves the right to cancel the charter if there is an unsafe condition.
  • Weather forecasts seen on television are not a reliable source for actual sea conditions
  • NOTE: A Small Craft Advisory is not considered severe or unsafe weather.
  • You must contact our office directly to make any adjustments to your reservations. These includes times, dates, number of guests attending and type of activity.
  • Adjusting your reservation does not exempt you from any penalties you may be responsible for.
  •  What to wear? Please wear anything that is comfortable for you. Please bring sunblock. NO SANDALS. Bring a hat if you are sensitive to the sun. If you have children, please make sure they are dressed comfortable and have lots of sunblock on.
  • Does the boat have life jackets?  YES!!!
  • Can you bring a cooler?  YES, you can also bring food and beverages.
  • Can you bring beer? YES, canned beer only
  • Do you guarantee that fish will be caught? We cannot guarantee that you will catch fish, but we can guarantee that we will try our best to help you do so! Our crew is experienced and great at finding the best fishing spots, but we cannot control the bite!
  • Do we need to keep the fish we catch? You reserve the right to release the fish you catch if you want! Any fish you decide to keep must be kept in the fish box on board until we get back to the dock, so that our crew can ensure that no illegal fish are kept and that we are within the confines of legal limits.

Seasickness occurs when your body, eyes and inner ear all send different signals to the brain resulting in confusion, queasiness and nausea. The rocking motion of the boat causes all objects on board to move constantly with respect to a fixed reference such as the horizon. These visual cues along with the balance system of your inner ear causes your sensory perception to get out of synch and your nerves are constantly trying to compensate for the unfamiliar motion of a rocking boat. Its as if your brain is being told by your eyes that the world is steady whilst your inner ear is telling it something different.


For any other questions

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